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We create process relevant information from production data

gbo datacomp GmbH provides comprehensive MES solutions aimed at increasing competitiveness of your company by maximum efficiency in manufacturing and production. Reliable and future-proof hardware and software systems are functional, technically mature, future-oriented and flexible.

Cooperation between the classic disciplines of production data recording, time recording, machine data recording, process control as well as quality management and production logistics are the centrepiece of our activities. Process data is collected and analysed, production planning improved, controlled more efficiently and transparently displayed globally. Vulnerabilities in processes are swiftly discovered and eliminated, assets rapidly recognized and developed.

gbo datacomp’s long-standing experience in software development as also in the hardware sector provide you with a professional and competent partner in all questions regarding MES.

Which requirements are expected from your system? Which areas have already been covered? What are the plans for a connection? Complex subjects. Together with you we create and implement customized manufacturing management systems for future-proof control of your production. The process visualizing system of bisoftMES globally provides an optimum link between management and production. We integrate your business processes both vertically as also horizontally. Comprehensive transparency is our mutual aim!

gbo datacomp converts your production data into process relevant information.

Recording production data is one side of the coin, obtaining relevant information out of this data is the other. Only by prompt evaluation of relevant process data is it possible to ensure constant monitoring of project progress. Consistent recording of production data provides more transparency in manufacture and up-to-date controlling.

To BDE-Production Data Recording

MES – Bridge technology for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 describes organization and control of the entire value creation process. Availability of current data at every position and at any time during the process chain is essential for highest productivity. bisoftMES creates relevant information from production data. Optimal integration into existing PPS/ERP/ HR systems such as SAP, Baan or pro Alpha already today facilitate bidirectional data exchange.

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bisoftBDE – Time and cost transparency at the press of a button

bisoftBDE stands for recording and evaluation of data occurring during operative production processes. Transparency down to individual items on the parts list is thus guaranteed.

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