No future without data!

But – caution! Data quality is decisive, not their quantity. This, however, is not yet clear to every factory operator.

The prevailing attitude in most current discussions maintains that collecting as much data as possible will allegedly make a factory fit for Industry 4.0. There is much uncertainty in many companies as to the route to be taken toward Industry 4.0 and what equipment is necessary for this new manufacturing concept. And there is also  the attitude that – as the saying goes – more is better.

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gbo datacomp and the trend-setting concept of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has given change a name

For many years increasing competitive pressure on national and international markets demands increase in production and innovation. Permanent adaptation of products and production is necessary to retain and cement a cutting edge on the marketplace. Within this context the concept of Industry 4.0 is indispensible. It stands for the fourth industrial revolution – a new stage in organization and control along the entire value chain for life cycles of products*. Chief basis is the availability of current and traceable information at all points and at all times during processes. For years MES solutions such as bisoftMES by gbo datacomp GmbH have been converting process data into relevant information. A future challenge is the integration into other areas of the value chain.

Demands on the production industry – a cornerstone of German economy – increase continually. Next to innovation in research and development, flexible production and a versatile factory are requirements when processing small quantities and single items to individual customer requirements in a productive and profitable mode. However, production is not only in flux through Industry 4.0. Rather, Industry 4.0 has given change a name. Governmental and EU aid has given an additional clear socio-political signal. External factors such as the energy revolution and price increases through scarcity of resources are additional impulses. Aspects which have already been taken account of in bisoftMES.

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