Up-to-date and correct data for your productivity

Hardware for data recording is the foundation of your successful MES solution. Only correctly recorded information can be successfully analysed and evaluated. That is why our recording hardware is specially designed for your requirements. We know what you need. Our innovative technology sets benchmarks even in design and ergonomics.

You too can profit from simple, fast and precise data recording of times, machines and production!

Innovative Hardware for MDE, BDE and PZE

Solutions for all areas of application

Flexibility and diversity in application distinguish our innovative hardware. Our terminals provide numerous linkage possibilities within the scope of individual requirements and convince through a large range of functions and adaptability.

Flexibility all along the line

Besides collecting data of cycles, numbers of pieces, good parts, rejects or reworking, MDE terminals also record analog data (i.e. pressure, temperature or energy consumption). Integration of RFID readers and barcode scanners enables recording of staff and order data. A special terminal in the IP65 safety category is also part of our extensive range of products as also solutions for mobile recording.

Stationary recording units are supplemented by mobile terminals, enabling staff to record important data on site. Whether article or material recording, working hours or process times, all data is swiftly and securely recorded and promptly transferred. Error free data at the press of a button is guaranteed.

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Data Recording

Integration is the key to success

Simple and swift recording of your data is essential for the success of your complete MES solution. Acceptance by users and successful integration into corporation environments assure a good and solid data foundation.

The man-machine interfaces of our recording systems have been adapted to the requirements in manufacturing environments. Continuous ergonomic improvements guarantee simple manual operation. Thanks to our experience of many years standing, machines, installations or metering appliances (i.e. scales) can be integrated into the system effortlessly.

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