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On the way to Industry 4.0 for medium-sized businesses

Networked production is the goal. To reach this aim, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides information on production progress, disruptions or downtimes of machines in real-time independently of location or time. Enterprises are able to react swiftly and flexibly to changing requirements.

Situation in Enterprises

The situation in actual practice: The shopfloor requires different information than bookkeeping. Sales departments analyse data not really relevant to decisions in production, unless sales figures are vital to production. It is thus not sufficient to merely reject the old silo-mentality and to expect all data from everyone. Companies must ensure that the right information is available at the right place. This is the job of MES.

Lean MES for heterogenic medium-sized enterprises

For this reason gbo datacomp sets on Lean MES which takes into consideration individual prerequisites of each and every enterprise. Open standards are important in making the appropriately required grade of data integration possible. And this is exactly what Lean MES does. This concept stands for a streamlined central approach which can be implemented today without resulting in all too great investments or restructuring in companies.

Smart Factory in medium-sized businesses is the goal.

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