bisoftBDE Production Data Recording

bisoftBDE – Time and cost transparency at the press of a button

Production Recording Software (BDE) records the current state of data and process data in your production. bisoftBDE provides order-individual cost calculation and permanent overview over available time resources. Interim calculation of orders is possible at any time. Transparency right down to individual items on the piece list is also guaranteed.

bisoftBDE production data recording provides permanent access to current data during production and enables exact analysis of production processes. bisoftBDE not only records production data but also covers functions in manufacturing and quality control as also in cost calculation.

Production becomes transparent through permanent comparison between target and actual data. Production control enables intervention by authorized staff for optimization of production. Quality control functions on the same principles and gauges qualitative properties of finished products according to predetermined specifications.

Varying hourly staff rates are also recorded as are different processing options – whether single-part or serial production, single or multiple machine operation or in a fully automated environment (machines operating without operator). By scanning order documents or reading barcode labels on work pieces, all necessary data is read in so that the operator needs only to confirm individual input on the system. This guarantees an optimal workflow.

Production data recording provides constant access to order progress, preparing you for every customer enquiry. Seamless recording of order data provides more transparency in manufacturing. Important information on order progress, current costs and produced quantities is received by controlling precisely and up-to-date – post calculation and target-performance comparison can be accessed at any time.

bisoftBDE Advantages at a glance

  • Order-individual cost calculation

  • Post calculation and target-performance comparison possible at any time

  • Clear collective evaluation according to technical production circumstances (total order, single order)

  • Data transparency and administration for quality safeguard and ISO 900x certification

  • Production attendance survey

  • Daily production overview

  • Production data available corporate-wide

  • Connections via interfaces to PPS/ERP and WaWi, i.e. SAP, Baan, Navision, proAlpha, Infor, Infra, Mitan, Mast, etc.

  • Integration via ODBC into MS-Office realms



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Additional personal data collected during submission is deleted after a maximum time limit of seven days.

bisoft App PZE/BDE

The mobile supplement to your bisoftPZE/BDE staff time and production data recording software. Record attendance and production times – booking from any location – and process data with bisoftPZE/BDE – including documentation of travelling times.

The advantages are evident – ideal for installation work at customer premises, on building sites and for field staff.
  • Free selection of staff, orders and activities

  • Single or column bookings

  • Transfer of stamps with GPS coordinates, map display

  • Bidirectional data traffic between office and smartphone

After data transfer into the connected bisoft solution, data for wage and salary accounting and evaluation is available in various reports. At headquarters this app provides you with an overview over the state of orders on building sites and on customer premises.

bisoft mobile apps permit visualization of production key figures such as OEE (OEE = availability x performance x quality). Visualized key figures, working hours and production times can be accessed and displayed with mobile unit browsers via GPRS, UMTS or WiFi.

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