bisoftEMG – Energy management

bisoftEMG – Increase energy efficiency and optimize energy utilization

Keep your energy consumption under control with bisoftEMG. From recording and monitoring of energy data down to energy data management according to ISO, our solution provides you with the best tools.

In the past energy data for MES users used to be merely a subject for quality and product costs. Meanwhile a rethink has taken place. The aim of the ISO 50 001 standard regulation in force since May 2012 is continuous improvement of energy-related performance in organizations. The standard describes the requirements for an efficient energy management system and its introduction, implementation, upkeep and improvement. By a systematic approach loosely based on the ISO 9001 standards, an organization should be in a position to improve energy-related utilization, increase energy efficiency and optimize energy utilization.

bisoftEMG provides various steps toward the goal of energy management:
  • Energy data recording

  • Energy data monitoring

  • Product and plant-related energy data recording

  • Energy data management according to ISO with the bisoftEMG extension module Wiri

bisoftEMG Advantages at a glance

  • Measure and collect metering data

  • Edit data, save over long periods and make available online (handling large data quantities)

  • Manual and automatic data analysis for identifying savings and errors

  • Ascertain meaningful key values

  • Prognosis for consumption and purchasing

  • Internal accounting and cost allocation

  • Support and provision of all processes based on energy data


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