bisoftPRZ – Process Data

Record and allocate parameters directly

Analog values such as pressure, temperature, energy consumption (gas, power) etc. can be depicted with the bisoftPRZ process data module. This provides the means for immediate reaction to fluctuations or exceeding / falling below threshold values and for optimizing your production sequence.

Master data is created directly in bisoftMES or transferred from the host system. Process parameters are documented in relation to batches, orders, articles or machines. Traceability of your products is thus guaranteed. For the first time it is also possible to allocate actual energy consumption directly to a cause.

bisoftPRZ Advantages at a glance

  • Record and display process data (pressure, temperature, energy consumption)

  • Batch, order, article and machine related documentation

  • Deviation analysis

  • Definition of tolerances

  • Cause-allocated energy consumption


Require product information
Additional personal data collected during submission is deleted after a maximum time limit of seven days.