bisoftPZE Staff Time Recording

bisoftPZE – Flexibility paired with attention to details

Staff time recording with bisoftPZE enables optimal recording of attendance and justified non-attendance times and is utilized for internal accounting as also for the calculation of product and process costs, effort and services.

In and out occurrences are recorded and processed via staff time calculation. Various reference types and accounts are calculated, i.e. hours of work, leave, overtime or flexitime. Staff time recording is carried out either by the time recording system itself or by the overlying ERP system. For data accounting it is necessary to administer various personal master data in order to depict flexible working time models. Data determined here can also be utilized as a basis for wage and salary accounting. Combining personal data recorded via bisoftPZE with order-relevant production data provides information for calculating incentive pay.

bisoftPZE Advantages at a glance

  • Simple intuitive operation

  • Interfaces for wage and salary calculation, i.e. Paisy Datev, SoftResearch, IBM, Varial, etc.

  • Reports relevant to staff, cost centre and departments

  • Reports on absence, overtime and leave

  • Shift and flexitime modules

  • Interactive assistant for corrections and recalculation

  • Graphically pleasing and individually adjustable leave planner



Require product information
Additional personal data collected during submission is deleted after a maximum time limit of seven days.

bisoft App PZE/BDE

Mobile and just in time

The mobile supplement to your bisoftPZE/BDE staff time and production data recording software. Record attendance and production times – booking from any location – and process data with bisoftPZE/BDE – including documentation of travelling times.

The advantages are evident – ideal for installation work at customer premises, on building sites and for field staff.
  • Free selection of staff, orders and activities

  • Single or column bookings

  • Transfer of stamps with GPS coordinates, map display

  • Bidirectional data traffic between office and smartphone

After data transfer into the connected bisoft solution, data for wage and salary accounting and evaluation is available in various reports. At headquarters this app provides you with an overview over the state of orders on building sites and on customer premises.

bisoft mobile apps permit visualization of production key figures such as OEE (OEE = availability x performance x quality). Visualized key figures, working hours and production times can received and displayed via browsers of mobile units with GPRS, UMTS or Wifi.

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