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Selected user reports

HKR GmbH & Co. KG

The solution – bisoftFLS – Data Platform for increased productivity

HKR  GmbH  &  Co.  KG  manufactures products primarily for heating technology, automotive  and  sanitary sectors.  Core competencies lie in the manufacture of gas and water carrying components as well as  turned and forged parts.  The company has 50 years experience in metal cutting manufacture and is a subsidiary of a major enterprise in heating and climate technology. HKR is certified according to ISO TS 16949 and sells more than 50 percent of its products to foreign European countries.

With the introduction of gbo  datacomp’s bisoftMES, HKR GmbH & Co. KG has gained a continuous overview over machine availability and capacity,  unplanned stoppages, setting-up times and other relevant production data from their current 70 machines. Considerable simplification of machine utilization data evaluation now obviates manual input.

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Sirona Dental Systems


The solution – Optimized machine utilization with bisoftMDE/BDE

Sirona  Dental  Systems  GmbH  develop and produce a complete range of dental equipment and is global market and technology leader in the dental industry. Sirona employs more than 3.200 staff at 28 locations worldwide, markets its products in more than 135 states on all continents and generated a turnover of 1,1 billion US dollars during the previous business year. A large part of the products are produced in  Bensheim , the globally largest development and production location of the dental industry.

Process optimizing in the supply chain is the central aim for the fulfilment of future short-term delivery promises.  Since introduction of bisoftMES checkpoint systems, profit from time-optimized processes and effectively reduced operating costs are apparent– and has secured the company a sustained competitive capacity.  Online networking with  SAP  guarantees swift data exchange from order to production machine and back again. The tool provides transparency and overview in all areas of manufacture.

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Vaillant Group


The solution – IT application for increased equipment efficiency

The Vaillant Group, an international family enterprise with headquarters in Remscheid, belongs to the worldwide market and technology leaders on the heating, climate and ventilation sectors.

Vaillant Industrial Slovakia s.r.o. in Trenčíanske Stankovce opted for an MES solution with bisoftMES by gbo datacomp GmbH and in short time attained a remarkable OEE value of over 80%..

“With the innovative MES solution by gbo datacomp GmbH we achieved, next to a continuous optimizing of production processes, also a noticeable increase in planning security and a major improvement in machine utilization. We are certain of considerably improving the OEE value in the entire production“,said Miroslava Reháková and adds: “Apart from that, our efforts conform with the “Lean Vaillant Group“ initiative, which means continuous reduction of fixed costs to increase efficiency.“

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Heim Steintechnik GmbH


The solution – Transparency from incoming goods to dispatch

Since 1973 Heim Steintechnik GmbH in Miltenberg provides a wide spectrum of business activities in two-shift operation. “bisoftMES has improved transparency and efficiency in stock control and machine utilization as well as in security for deadline planning. Deviations are visible and if problems arise, targeted reaction is possible. Ultimately, application of this IT solution provides a greater security in our company” says Martin Heim.

Corporate decisions are based on proven insights. For example, during a trade fair, the idea of buying a mitering machine came up. But would an investment of that kind actually be profitable and what about capacity utilization of the saw? In this case software by gbo datacomp GmbH supplied clear-cut facts, i.e. how many miter bevels were invoiced to the customer.

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